'DJ Hero 2' Reveal Trailer

‘DJ Hero 2’ Reveal Trailer

On Wednesday, the Flickcast revealed the announcement from Activision for DJ Hero 2 , the sequel to one of our favorite music genre games of last year. Today, with the reveal trailer for the game, we have to issue a quick revision to our original post. It stated that the game would include two turntables that could be used simultaneously with one mixer. This is incorrect. The real reason for the two turntables is to allow for two player sessions of the game. We apologize for any confusion on this.

Now, on to the trailer. Though somewhat stylized, it wasn’t what one would expect from DJ Hero. Instead it ends up feel more like a Nintendo Wii trailer showing the participants in action rather than just the gameplay or focus on the music. Featuring a remix of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” performed with two DJs and a singer, the multiplayer party aspect looks to be the main marketing message of the game.

Take a peek below at the reveal trailer for DJ Hero 2 and the screen shots which feature some of the game’s new features such as Freestyle crossfading and sampling in them. Just don’t let Matt Raub ever catch you dropping his microphone like they do in the trailer. Check out the trailer and some screenshots from the game after the jump. DJ Hero 2 hits stores later this year.