Get Your First Look at 'Wolverine' #1

Get Your First Look at ‘Wolverine’ #1

I don’t think anyone would dispute that the character of Wolverine is not only one of Marvel’s most popular but one of the most popular in all of comics. His look, powers, aggressivenenss and just plain bad atitude have won him fans acround the globe.

Now, as Marvel is doing with other titles like the X-Men, they are starting a brand new Wolverine comic with Wolverine #1. Fortunately, we are able to bring you a preview of that book right here today. From writer Jason Aaron and artist Renato Guedes this new story sees Wolverine’s soul getting sent straight to hell.

However, while Wolverine’s soul is in Hell, his body is terrorizing all that are close to him. This new comic promises to show Logan doing what he does best, in true Wolverine fashion. And what he does best is not very nice.

Check out the previews for the new comic after the jump. Wolverine #1 hits stores in September.