E3 2010: 'Dead Rising 2' New Screen Shots

E3 2010: ‘Dead Rising 2’ New Screen Shots

A world on the brink of oblivion where people are turning into insane flesh eating monsters. Where would you want to be? Yeah, same here. Vegas. And while Dead Rising 2 doesn’t have a Las Vegas of their own, they do have Fortune City. In addition to providing a lair of sin and debauchery to cut your way through, many of life’s most important questions look like they will be answered over the course of Dead Rising 2.

Ever wonder if Siegfried and Roy’s prize tigers were good for anything other than mauling on the ambiguous duo? What happens if I tie dynamite to the end of an arrow? Will two chainsaws attached to the front of my motocross bike affect the race at all? Will rap music still be relevant during the zombie apocalypse?

Most importantly, what would it take to help me score with twins or a Playboy Playmate? That’s right, Playboy has partnered up with Capcom to bring content from their fine publication to the world of Dead Rising 2. It doesn’t matter if all the cities have fake names and there isn’t Cocacola in this game. As long as we can still get our hands on a good old fashioned Playboy, we think surviving the apocalypse can’t be too hard. You may even encounter a Playboy bunny in full bunny gear over the course of your adventure.

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