E3 2010: 'DC Universe Online' E3 Trailer Plus Gameplay Footage

E3 2010: ‘DC Universe Online’ E3 Trailer Plus Gameplay Footage

“I will become the next legend.” That sums up pretty much every heroic fantasy that anyone who has ever picked up a comic book and wondered what it’d be like to save the world has ever thought in one simple phrase. Allowing that to happen is the goal of Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming title for the PC and PlayStation 3, DC Universe Online.  We’ve been closely following DCUO since its initial announcement in anticipation for its release.

At E3, Sony Online Entertainment has released a new trailer and set of screen shots for the game. Plus, we’ve got some exclusive video of some of the gameplay from the show as well. While we had heard that players may choose either the side of heroics or villainy, this trailer is the first to give a true impression of the thought process of what a player will be going through when making this decision.

Seeing this unnamed hero/villain standing alongside and fighting against some of DC’s most famous and infamous faces makes a person wonder just which path they will choose when they turn on the game for the first time.

Take a peek after the jump at the new trailer, screen shots and gameplay footage for DC Universe Online and make sure to give us your impressions on them and give us a hint at just what kind of hero or villain you plan on becoming when the game is released.

(We had to remove the screenshots temporarily but they will be back soon. Sorry. – Ed)

  • dam6655
    June 18, 2010 at 10:38 am

    This is my most wanted game of 2010. I just ccan’t wait to get my hands on it.