Box Office: 'Toy Story 3' Is Tops

Box Office: ‘Toy Story 3’ Is Tops

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 won the Father’s Day weekend with a total of over $109 Million, making it the highest grossing opening weekend for a Pixar movie thus far. I’ve got to say, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer movie.

Toy Story 3 is a true 4 quadrant film that the studios are always hoping for. It’s the the holy grail of box-office goodness, because it appeals to men and women, young and old.  It’s rated G, which means families can feel at ease bringing the young ones. Critics universally loved the film, and audiences polled by cinemascore raved as well (Entertainment Weekly.)

Toy Story 3 enjoyed a massive opening, as it played on over 4,000 screens.  Roughly half of those were 3D screens, which bolstered the total gross.  Toy Story 3 is the second highest opening for an animated movie, bested only by Shrek the Third’s $121 Million opening back in 2007.

Another family-friendly film took the number two spot.  The Karate Kid dropped around 48%, and tallied up another $29 Million, bringing its 10 day total to an impressive $106 Million.

The A-Team didn’t benefit from word of mouth all that much.  It experienced a 46% drop from last week, earning $13.7. The movie has made about $49 Million in two weekends, but it had a $110 Million budget, so it has a long, steep hill to climb to recoup its budget.  I have yet to talk to anyone who disliked the movie, so I am really puzzled over its performance (or more accurately, lack thereof.)

Get Him to the Greek came in at the number four spot, making an additional $6 Million.  Its cumulative total stands at $47 Million, and with a budget of $40 Million, it appears the movie will be profitable.

Shrek Forever After nabbed the fifth spot.  It has grossed almost $223 Million in five weeks.

Outside of the top five, holdovers Prince of Persia, Killers, Iron Man 2 and Marmaduke round out the top ten.

This week’s other new release, Jonah Hex, was dead in the water, and debuted in eighth place with a measly $5 million on 2,800 screens. That’s a per screen average of $1,800, compared to the $27,000 per screen for Toy Story 3.  Warner Brothers chose not to screen the movie for critics, but that didn’t seem to help the movie out.

Jonah Hex stars Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, and this has to be a disappointment to them both.  Megan Fox was recently taken off of Transformers 3 and was replaced by lingerie model Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  Will the poor performance of Jonah Hex put the final nail in the career coffin of Megan Fox?