E3 2010 XTRA: 'Magic: The Gathering - Tactics' Trailer

E3 2010 XTRA: ‘Magic: The Gathering – Tactics’ Trailer

17 years and over fifty expansions to the card game, Magic: The Gathering is still with us. In addition, the franchise has spawned eight video game releases as well, all with variations of the popular card game’s rules. Some have been direct ports while others take the game in completely new directions. With this year’s E3, Sony Online Entertainment has chosen to step up with one of these new playstyles for the Magic series and introduced Magic: The GatheringTactics.

Taking a page from Final Fantasy: Tactics, players play out their monsters and spells on a board and swap back and forth until all of their opponents creatures are dead. It’s somewhat surprising this is the first time Magic has been fought in such a manner.

One would think with the huge variety of characters available to it, this combination would have been a no-brainer. Sony has already confirmed famed characters such as the Lord of the Pit, Raya Dawnbringer and Serra Angel to appear in the game alongside classic spells like Fireball, Ancestral Recall and Lightning Bolt

Sony Online Entertainment will be bringing this title exclusively to the PlayStation 3 and PC. No XBox 360 plans have been made for the title. Take a look below at the E3 Trailer for Magic: The Gathering – Tactics and some screen shots of the upcoming title.