New 'Alien vs. Ninja' Trailer Brings the Campy Awesome

New ‘Alien vs. Ninja’ Trailer Brings the Campy Awesome

We like to find things from around the Internets and bring them to you here at The Flickcast. Sure, we tend to cover larger events, movies, TV, Comics, games and all that, but we also want to make sure to let you know when we find cool stuff that doesn’t get much, or any, coverage.

Like last week’s trailer for Space Battleship Yamato, this new trailer is also from our friends in Japan. This time around, however, the fight isn’t in space, it’s on earth and it features a band of Ninjas pitted against a seemingly unstoppable alien bent on their destruction. Obviously, when we find a video that not only has Ninjas but Aliens and features some pretty decent martial arts action, we need to bring it to you.

So, for your viewing pleasure, check out the trailer for Alien vs. Ninja after the jump.