Get Your First Look at the Cast of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

Get Your First Look at the Cast of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Here it is your first official look at the full cast of AMC’s adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic The Walking Dead, courtesy of the cool cats at i09. We’ve previously had a bunch of info about this upcoming series but now we get to see something that as fans of the comic and the upcoming series, I know we’re excited to see.

In a world where a single photo can cast doubt on an entire movie, this new photo from The Walking Dead goes a long way to putting fears to rest that this adaptation will somehow suck. There’s always some doubt, given the track record of Hollywood and comic book adaptations (Ghost Rider or Daredevil anyone?), but with a cast that looks this perfect for their respective roles and if this look continues for the series, we seem to be in good hands with Frank Darabont and company. Although, I still want to know who’s playing Michonne? Perhaps we’ll find out during Comic-Con?

Check out a larger version of the pic after the jump. The Walking Dead debuts on AMC later this year.