Capcom Announces ‘Mega Man Universe’

Capcom Announces ‘Mega Man Universe’

There are very few characters in video games who can be considered icons. Those who have stood the test of time and had their image placed on millions of products worldwide for over two decades are few and far in between. One of those such legends is undoubtedly Mega Man. One might not realize it but Mega Man has been featured in over 144 titles since his 1987 debut.

Capcom has announced that the next iteration of the Mega Man franchise will be coming to both the PlayStation Store and XBox Live marketplace with Mega Man Universe. Planning to follow up on the classic style gaming of Mega Man 10, Capcom looks to redefine what “classic” gaming is claiming that “classic gaming will never be the same again.”

“We are thrilled to finally be able to announce Mega Man Universe,” said Kenji Inafune, Head of Research and Development Management for Capcom Entertainment. “This game will break the mold and challenge the conventional wisdom of what a Mega Man game can be. When fans finally get to see it, I believe they’ll envision their most far-out Mega Man dreams coming true.”

Take a look below at what can definitely be considered a trailer inspired by the classic gaming commercials of the 80’s and 90’s. How the game itself will play out is anyone’s guess but we are hoping the involvement of other Capcom franchises like Street Fighter and Ghosts & Goblins isn’t just a tease and will actually come into gameplay somehow.

Make sure to let us know what you think of this huge announcement for the franchise and stick right here all week as we hit San Diego Comic-Con and get hands on with the other games Capcom has to offer.