Check Out New Previews for ‘The Event’ and ‘Outsourced’

Check Out New Previews for ‘The Event’ and ‘Outsourced’

With Comic-Con coming up this week comes all sorts of new shows, panels and previews for new TV shows. One show we’ve been following for some time, The Event, and a relatively new one for us, Outsourced. Both look interesting and we are looking forward to seeing them once they debut in the Fall.

In the meantime, as we do often, we’ve got previews for both shows from our friends at NBC to share with you today. First up is The Event where we see The President being rather Presidential and demanding to know what The Event is all about. The President doesn’t know? When something is this Top Secret, you know it’s gonna be big. And by big I mean good.

Next up is Outsourced. In this preview we meet some of the actors from the show and learn more about their characters. I’m sure we’ve all had amusing experiences with customer service from other countries so this show should be pretty funny. Plus, interesting accents are always a plus.

Bonus: If you’re attending Comic-Con in San Diego, be sure to check out The Event panel, which will be taking place on Saturday, July 24th at 11:15a in Ballroom 6A. They will also be Tweeting the panel live so if you’re not in San Diego, you can follow the action that way.

Click through to check out all the videos for these two shows.

The Event

Secret Conversation – Part 1
The President makes it clear he needs to be aware of all details and information regarding the Inostranka facility.

Secret Conversation – Part 2
The President stands firm on his decision.


Ben Rappaport
Outsourced Playing the boss means trying to fit in.

Parvesh Chenna
The actor who portrays Outsourced’s Gupta explains his character is both unpredictable and loveable.

Rebecca Hazlewood
The actress who plays Outsourced’s Asha explains how she’s baffled by the mystery of the cheesehead.