SDCC10: NBC's 'The Event' Pilot First Impressions

SDCC10: NBC’s ‘The Event’ Pilot First Impressions

During San Diego Comic-Con today NBC showed the pilot for its eagerly awaited new Fall show The Event to an excited and appreciative crowd. The show is an ensemble drama with elements of 24, Lost and other good mystery programs of the past.

We will be bringing you a full review of the pilot soon so look for that. Until then I thought I would just throw out a few first impressions of the show to give potential fans more to go on.

The first thing that struck me about the pilot was something i thought of even before I saw it: the cast. NBC has assembled a diverse group of known and lesser-known actors including Blair Underwood, Laura Innes, Zelkjo Ivanek, Jason Ritter, Ian Anthony Dale and Sarah Roemer.

In the pilot each if them is given something do do and much to my happiness the pilot also manages to develop their characters in a short time. You are interested in them from the beginning and are almost immediately invested in their stories.

Also, the show has a high degree of production value and is well directed, edited and I enjoyed the score too. Obviously, you can’t tell everything about a show just from the pilot. A great pilot doesn’t always make for a great show.

However, in this case my feeling is that it will. NBC has put together a good team and a good show and I hope they can maintain the quality and the story promise they showed with the pilot.

Oh, in case you were wondering they don’t divulge what the event is during the pilot. I guess we’re just going to have to watch the show to find out. I know I will. The Event premieres on September 20th.