New 'Family Guy' Spoof Announced for This Holiday Season

New ‘Family Guy’ Spoof Announced for This Holiday Season

For those Family Guy fans who have been impatiently waiting for the next installment of their Star Wars parody series, you need wait no longer. Seth McFarlane and crew have taken on the last film of the original series,  Return of the Jedi.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced that the new film, Family Guy: It’s a Trap! will be available right in time for Christmas. It will be available in both Blu-ray and DVD formats. Those lucky enough to get into the Comic-Con panel received a 10 minute preview of the new spoof and from various reports it doesn’t disappoint. The rest of us will unfortunately have to wait  until December to get a glimpse.

The press release is touting an all-star array of guest stars including Adam West and Carrie Fisher. We also have the privilege of having Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn reprise their Star Trek roles once again. For those who have not purchased the previous two films, it was also announced  that they will be releasing a triple-pack of all three Star Wars spoofs.

If you are willing to wait, there is a chance that they will follow suit of their last release, Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside, and utilize Family Guy: It’s a Trap! as next season’s finale. There is no report about what special features will be available or whether there will be any other special editions released concurrently.

Look for Family Guy: It’s a Trap! on December 21st when it hits stores nationwide. For more Family Guy news keep it here at The Flickcast.