Dan Aykroyd Brings Us The First Trailer For 'Yogi Bear'

Dan Aykroyd Brings Us The First Trailer For ‘Yogi Bear’

There’s a pretty fine line to walk when it comes to remaking a classic. Sometimes the studio gets it right and stays as true to the original as possible, and sometimes we get Cedric the Entertainer’s Honeymooners. Thankfully, the live action Yogi Bear film falls under the umbrella of the former.

If the film is nothing else, it deserves an award for voice directing. Both Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake lend their voices for the film, and you really couldn’t tell unless you were told, which is exactly how it should be.

Joining the cast is Tom Cavanagh as Ranger Smith, Anna Faris, and after an astounding audition with a live bear, T.J Miller was worked into the script as Ranger Jones.

The trailer looks like it could do the franchise justice, or at the very least, do better than the upcoming Smurfs film. And yes, the film will be in 3D, as if there was any doubt.

Check out the trailer after the jump and catch Yogi Bear in theaters and in 3D on December 17.