What You Missed: ‘Community’ and ‘The Cape’ at Comic-Con

What You Missed: ‘Community’ and ‘The Cape’ at Comic-Con

Even though Comic-Con was over a week ago that doesn’t stop us from having a bunch of content we just couldn’t fit in during our normal coverage of the event. So, expect to see Comic-Con related videos, photos, interviews, etc for quite some time still.

Continuing that trend, we’ve got some cool video for you from the Con right here. One is from Community, a show we really love and the other is from The Cape, a show that looks like something we will most likely love — at least from what we’ve seen of the show so far.

In these videos you can see the Community cast, including Joel McHale, Chevy Chase and Alison Brie, share their glowing impressions of the passionate and devoted fans they met at Comic-Con. Plus, listen close for a few hints on what’s coming next season. Plus, the cast of The Cape, including Vinnie Jones, Martin Klebba and Summer Glau,  gives a great preview of the series.

Check out all the videos after the jump. Look for both Community and The Cape this Fall on NBC.


Chevy Chase
Chevy is excited to be at Comic-Con, but also frightened.

Yvette Brown
Comic book fans make you strive to want to be better and prove to them you’re worthy.

Gillian Jacobs
Gillian suggests that all actors attend Comic-Con for a good ego boost.

Joel McHale
Joel is happy to be attending the 2010 Nerd Pride Parade, aka Comic-Con.

Alison Brie
Alison expects to be wowed by the costumes at Comic-Con.

Donald Glover
Donald is happy to be in a place where people can dress like Yoda, eat a doughnut and walk around the streets of San Diego and no one cares.

Danny Pudi
Danny chats with the Comic-Con Virgin about the new season of Community and his plans at the convention.


Thomas Wheeler and David Lyons
At Comic-Con, The Cape’s creator and star explain what makes the project so unusual – and fun.

James Frain and Dorian Missick
At Comic-Con, The Cape stars talk about fan reaction and their early days of working on the show.

Summer Glau and Keith David
At Comic-Con, The Cape’s Orwell and Max talk about their characters and comic books.

Vinnie Jones and Martin Klebba
At Comic-Con, series co-stars recall the immediate chemistry they discovered on-set.