Get Your First Look at Fraction, Ferry and Hollingsworth's New 'Thor'

Get Your First Look at Fraction, Ferry and Hollingsworth’s New ‘Thor’

One of the cool things about having a website devoted to geek favorites like movies, TV shows and comics is that we get to see new comics before they hit store shelves. This is especially cool when the new comic in question is written by one of our favorite writers.

Case in point is Marvel’s upcoming arc for Thor where Matt Fraction takes the reigns. Along with creative team members Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollignsworth and beginning with issue number 615, we will be treated to “the dawn of a new age as Asgard is restored to its former glory and retakes its place as the Golden Realm.”

Of course, not all is well and “an ominous threat from another dimension has its sights set on Earth.” What do do? Well, as you may have already guessed, it’s “up to Thor and his godly brethren to defend the Marvel Universe from this dark, destructive force.” According to our friends at Marvel, this comic will also be a great way for new readers to get into the Thor character just in time for the big movie release.

Check out preview pages for the new comic after the jump. Thor #615 hits shelves on September 22.