SDCC10 Extra: Interview with 'The Legend of Neil' Creator Sandeep Parikh

SDCC10 Extra: Interview with ‘The Legend of Neil’ Creator Sandeep Parikh

After what had been a long an exhausting weekend of Comic Con, we finally got the chance to speak with Sandeep Parikh, the creator of The Legend of Neil as well as Zaboo from The Guild. The previous night, Sandeep had shown a packed panel the first two episodes of the third season of the series. (The first can be found here).

In our interview, Sandeep reacts to how the premiere went. We also talk to him about The Legend of Neil being distributed through alternative media as opposed to broadcast television. Sandeep also gives his thoughts on the Legend of Neil always being viewed by him as a trilogy.

The Legend of Neil is in its final season on A new episode will be revealed every two weeks with some big cameos coming from members of the Guild, including Sandeep himself, and musical guest like Garfunkel and Oates.

Check out the interview after the jump. Be sure to check back right here often for more news on The Legend of Neil and other web series.