Don’t Look Up In This New Trailer For ‘Skyline’

Don’t Look Up In This New Trailer For ‘Skyline’

This year at Comic-Con, one of the cooler features of the show didn’t actually take place on the con floor, but just outside of it, as Universal set up a machine outside that released several people-shaped bubbles into the heavens. Nobody had any idea what this meant, or what the movie even was, until now.

The first trailer for Skyline directed by The Brothers Strause, visual effects masters involved with such films as Iron Man, Jonah Hex, 2012, Bedtime Stories, Avatar and more, has hit the Interwebs. And we, of course, have it for you to watch.

Basically the film is about two guys who, hungover, walk outside after a late night party to see their world overrun by alien spacecrafts. People are drawn outside of their homes by a light that then sucks them up into the air.

The imagery itself is quite impressive, so we’ll see if the rest of the film can carry the weight. Even though the brothers have little directing experience, at the very least, you know the film will look pretty.

Check out the first full trailer of the film after the jump. Be sure to catch Skyline in theaters everywhere on November 12th.