Twitter Giveaway: Win a Mimobot Exclusive Lobot USB Drive

Twitter Giveaway: Win a Mimobot Exclusive Lobot USB Drive

At the recent Comic-Con in San Diego Mimoco, creators of the Mimbots custom collectors USB drives, revealed their latest exclusive addition to the Star Wars line with Lobot. Now, our friends over at Mimoco have given us one to give away to you the loyal Flickcast readers.

Lobot, for those of you who don’t know, was Lando Calrissian’s cyborg aide in The Empire Strikes Back. Now, he comes in USB form to celebrate the film’s 30th Anniversary in both 2GB and 16 GB varieties. Chosen as a throwback to the hardcore Star Wars fans, Lobot is meant to be fan service from a group of people who are watching Star Wars in the office at least once a week.

At Comic-Con we got the chance to talk with one of Mimoco’s representatives. They told us that the original concepts behind the Mimobots was using them as a way to merge art and technology. Lobot, in addition to being an anniversary piece for The Empire Strikes Back is also a fifth anniversary piece for Mimoco who started at Comic-Con five years ago. With well over 75 total designs, Lobot is another great example of the Star Wars line of Mimobots.

How To Win:

1. Follow us on Twitter @TheFlickcast

2. Tweet Out “I Want To Win A Lobot Mimobot @TheFlickcast!”

3. Sit back and wait as we pick a winner form among those who tweeted the phrase!

For those who don’t win but still are interested in purchasing a Lobot USB drive, you can find them here for $39.99.