Exclusive: Ken Marino Talks ‘Children’s Hospital’, Possible ‘State’ Reunion

Last night, a brand new season of Adult Swim’s new irreverent hospital drama/comedy Children’s Hospital premiered, and we’re so excited for the new season, that we’re bringing you an ENTIRE WEEK of exclusive interviews with the show’s cast and creators.

Up first is star Ken Marino, who plays Dr. Glenn Richie on the show. Many fans of comedy know Marino from his start as an original cast member of MTV’s The State. Marino went on to do some other great comedies such as Party Down and The 10. He even wrote 2008’s stand out comedy Role Models starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott.

Ken plays his role as Dr. Richie a little bit like his character in The 10: very loose and very Jewish. We got the chance to talk with Marino about his character, the ill-fated Party Down and the possibility of a State Reunion.

Check out the full interview after the jump, and be sure to keep it here all week, as we celebrate the return of Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim.

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