Check Out New Previews for 'Undercovers' and 'Outsourced'

Check Out New Previews for ‘Undercovers’ and ‘Outsourced’

Continuing our preview of upcoming Fall shows today we’ve got some new ones for a couple of NBC programs. One is a drama called Undercovers and one is a comedy called Outsourced and both look pretty good.

First up is Undercovers. According to our pals at the network this clip is about the following: “Jet-setting and saving the world is part of the job description for the Blooms. Look at some of the exotic locales the spy couple will travel to in JJ Abrams’ Undercovers this fall.”

Next up we’ve got Outsourced. Again according to the network this clip will do the following: “Get the series’ hilarious take on the cultural differences in the dating world.” You can bet those differences will lead to more comic hijinks than you can possibly image.

Check out both of the previews after the jump. Look for these two shows, and many more, to debut soon.


Paid Vacation
Paris in the springtime, Rome in the fall. Not bad for government work.


Dating is Different
Finding a wife is just one thing that separates cultures.