'Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures' Release Date Announced and First Impressions

‘Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures’ Release Date Announced and First Impressions

One of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows has been Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is only fitting that only days before the show begins its third season, players will get the chance to jump in on Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.  On September 15th, players will be able to begin their unique online Star Wars experience. And on Friday the 17th, the newest season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars begins.

At Comic Con, we got the chance to speak with Sony Online Entertainment about the upcoming title and get a walkthrough of some of the features in the game including both the Star Fighter and Lightsaber Duel minigames, both seen in the video below.

We were told that the main goal of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures was to make the player feel as though they are a part of the Star Wars: Clone Wars universe with iconic characters to interact with and environments to explore. Unlike Star Wars: Galaxies, players are intended on being able to get instant gratification in this rather than grinding their way through levels in order to unlock upper tier content.

This also closely works in favor of the game’s younger target market. Right from the start, players can go up and talk to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain Rex. These characters help introduce players to the minigames.

The game has lots of quirky Star Wars related jokes that are geared towards the younger audience. There is a lot of visual comedy involved as players see Jedi and Clone Troopers training in obstacle courses as well as Jedi learning how to cut the perfect circle through blast doors with their lightsabers.

The minigames are a great combination of different skill sets over visuals from the show. The game will feature everything from tower defense modes to space shooters, rabid button combination to Kitty Cannon like launcher games. Some of these look a little more refined than others at this point but there is still a lot of time for SOE to finish polishing these visuals before the game’s release.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is not an MMO. It will not be a persistent storyline or a constantly changing world as with most MMO titles. They will however be adding new content based on what is happening on the show. New locations and scenes from the show may make their way in to the game as new content warrants it.

From what we have seen, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures looks like a fun casual experience for younger gamers. While it may have some addictive game modes, long play periods aren’t going to be required to enjoy the game. Older games may find the humor and game modes too simple even if they do enjoy the content of the show, but as mentioned, it isn’t geared for the older hardcore audience that would be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic upon its release.

Take a peek below at a Developer Video of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures where they examine some of these minigames more closely and stick with us for more news on Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.