Trailer and Screenshots Show Off Multiplayer for ‘Goldeneye 007′

Trailer and Screenshots Show Off Multiplayer for ‘Goldeneye 007′

After its reveal at E32010, Goldeneye 007 has become one of the most anticipated upcoming Wii games for this holiday season. As the re-imagining of an incredibly successful game on the Nintendo 64, this game is a real opportunity for Nintendo to attract hardcore gamers to their casual console. A few weeks ago, we gave you a look at the new Classic Pro controller made specifically for Goldeneye 007.  Now, we’ve got some great screenshots and a brand-new trailer showing off the best part about Goldeneye 007: the multiplayer mode.

The screenshots and trailer give us a much better look at the multiplayer in Goldeneye 007, which, like the original, looks incredibly diverse with both fast-paced shooting and stealth attacks. The various locations will allow for a multitude of different encounters, blending very close-up combat and targeted distance shooting. And with both split-screen and online multiplayer, you’ll be able to play with anyone, anywhere.

Voiced by star of the last two Bond films, Daniel Craig, Goldeneye 007 brings everything you know and love about the original N64 game to the Nintendo Wii. Featuring 40 characters, ten maps, three standard modes, 18 special modifiers, and support for the Wii Zapper, Goldeneye 007 looks to revolutionize the way we think about first-person shooters for the Wii.

Goldeneye 007 will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on November 2nd. You can check out all the screenshots and the brand-new trailer after the jump.

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