‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’ Character Bios and Videos – Part 1 – Axel Steel and Casey Lynch

‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’ Character Bios and Videos – Part 1 – Axel Steel and Casey Lynch

In an effort to provide the best coverage of the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,  the Flickcast is doing a four part series of posts dedicated to the eight rock warriors that players will venture through the game’s Quest Mode as.

In Part 1, we take a look at both Axel Steel and Casey Lynch.

Axel Steel: Determined to unearth the cryptic origins of Metal, Axel has toured long across the globe studying the ways of the ancients. But the ancients have plans for him as well…

Warrior Axel Steel: Axel emerges as an embodiment of the undying nature of rock. His music now guided by the wisdom of the ages, he wonders if this new power is a blessing or a curse.

Warrior Power: Resurrector+ (earn 5 Ankhs to instantly resurrect you. Save Ankhs to earn extra Power Stars)

Casey Lynch: Already a warrior in the eyes of many, the indomitable Casey needs only to take one final step to achieve her greatest feat.

Warrior Casey Lynch: The scales that armor her skin now reflecting her inner strength, Casey is completely prepared for battle, body and soul.

Warrior Power: Streak Guardian+ (2 Shields guard your streak. Long streaks earn 5 extra Power Stars)

Check out the Quest Mode Map below as well.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 featuring Johnny Napalm and Judy Nails and stick tight to the Flickcast for more news on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as its impending release draws closer for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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