Hands-On: 'Killzone 3' & 'Motorstorm: Apocalypse' For PlayStation 3 3D

Hands-On: ‘Killzone 3’ & ‘Motorstorm: Apocalypse’ For PlayStation 3 3D

At this year’s Comic Con during the Sony Press Event, we were given the opportunity to get hands on with two of the biggest titles coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2011. Not only are Killzone 3 and Motorstorm: Apocalypse much anticipated sequels to two of PlayStation 3’s top games, but they both will feature PlayStation 3’s 3D technology.

Killzone 3 first and foremost looks gorgeous. Even over a half year before its release date and still in Pre-Alpha build, the visuals look polished. While the 3D experience helps add to the immersion of the title, there is never a time where it felt intrusive. There are never any over the top “coming at the screen for the sake of 3D” moments. What the 3D effects do however is add a convincing level of depth and distance as players make their way through the environment.

The version we got to play was the same one seen on the E3 show floor where players must execute a raid to save prisoners being held at a Helghast weapons research facility with the team of raiders who survived the end of Killzone 2. Gameplay is crisp and fast paced in line with previous versions of the series.

Gorilla Games North American Producer Mike Graham told us that they had always envisioned Killzone 3 in 3D, whether or not there had been a strong push from Sony for it. He also told us about the Brutal Melee system where button prompts will allow for contextual combat assassination style kills. This is definitely a game we are looking forward to spending more time with in the future.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse takes a different approach from previous versions of the game. In addition to the added 3D technology, the game will a more story focused gameplay. Instead of just racing for fame and glory, there is some meaning behind the madness of crashing through office buildings and bolting over collapsing bridges. There is also a very original concept of changing course structures between the changing difficulties. Playing the game on easy renders a different pathway through the same level than what a player would experience on medium or hard.

Also still in its pre-Alpha build but farther away from its retail release, Motorstorm: Apocalypse doesn’t come across as well as Killzone 3 does. Like many launch titles for a new technology, the 3D gaming in this example, there are some quirks still to be ironed out. The edges of objects moving so fast across the screen sometimes look grainy or jagged. Most likely due to the amount of terrain that must be covered at such a fast speed, the engine is trying to animate so much at once in 3D. There is a fair amount of clipping as well that is likely to be polished out in future versions of the game. For right now, we give a hopeful and optomistic perspective that the team over at Evolution Studios can use the nine months before release to help the game achieve its potential.

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