‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’ Character Bios and Videos – Part 3 – Lars Umlaut and Pandora

In an effort to provide the best coverage of the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the Flickcast is doing a four part series of posts dedicated to the eight rock warriors that players will venture through the game’s Quest Mode as.

In Part 3, we take a look at Lars Ümlaut and Pandora.

Lars Ümlaut: Lars has earned many loyal supporters, fans who have followed him across the globe, but will they accompany him to a still stranger place?

Warrior Lars Ümlaut: Lars has dug deep within his soul and tapped into his most primitive nature. What has emerged is no longer even human, but Lars feels this new form suits him well.

Warrior Power: Multiplier Extender+ (max multiplier is 6x instead of 4x)

Pandora: Pandora has spent a lifetime studying music theory, history, and technique. All her knowledge will now be brought to bear in her ultimate assignment.

Warrior Pandora: Her transformation complete, Pandora meditates on the forthcoming showdown, for which she has never felt more ready.

Warrior Power: Star Power Nova+ (Star Power multiplier is 6x instead of 2x)

Check back tomorrow for our final post with Part 4 featuring Austin Tejas and Echo Tesla and stick tight to the Flickcast for more news on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as its impending release draws closer for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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