Get Your First Look at Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Loki’ Comic

Loki, as you may know, is a character that works against Thor quite often. In fact, you might ever call him Thor’s nemesis. So naturally, the character is going to play a prominent role in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the comic.

With that film coming out soon enough, that hasn’t stopped Marvel from going ahead and making a comic devoted to the character with the upcoming mini-series Loki. From the creative team of writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Sebastian Fiumara, the comic will focus on the mythic past of Asgard and the birth of Marvel’s most relentless villain.

What is the truth behind the twisted motivations of Loki? Money? Power? Revenge? Chicks? Find out everything you need to know from this comic.

Loki #1 hits store shelves on October 20. Until then, check out the preview for the comic after the jump.

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