Mastodon NYCC10: ‘Lost in Shadow’ Hands-On

NYCC10: ‘Lost in Shadow’ Hands-On

Ever since E3, Lost in Shadow is one of those games that I just had to try for myself before I made any decisions. Luckily, I was able to fight the crowds at last weekend’s New York Comic Con and secure myself a few minutes with this intriguing side-scrolling adventure, which I surely but quickly became enamored with.

In Lost in Shadow, you play as the shadow of a young boy that has been separated from his body for unknown reasons. By manipulating the physical world using his companion, a sylph, players traverse through the shadow world solving puzzles, collecting “memories” (these basically serve as hit points), and defeating any shadow beasts that may lie in the boy’s path, all in order to climb the tower where the boy’s body lies waiting for his shadow to return.

This game is so impressive because it really shows off the Wii in a variety of ways. With an easy to use control scheme that doesn’t rely too much on motion control and gorgeous art design, this game makes a big impression right away. When I took over the controls and started running around the starting level, I never found myself fumbling over the controls or forgetting which button did what.

Overall, my short time with Lost in Shadow was enough to more than sell me on the game. Be sure to check back here at The Flickcast for updates about Lost in Shadow before its release on January 4th.

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