Get a Sneak Peek at Marvel’s ‘Tron’ Movie Adaptation Comic

I think it’s safe to say that people are looking forward to the upcoming film Tron Legacy. With the release date of the film getting ever closer each day, Marvel has decided to throw us a bone and send over a preview for the comic book adaptation of the film that started it all: the original Tron.

These pages will surely go a along way to build interest in the film and the comic. Written by Peter David with art by Mirco Pierfederici and covers by Greg Land and Salvador Larocca, the comic features what Marvel calls a “stunning new visualization” of the original Tron film.

In addition, you can learn the secrets of the Tron universe, discover its cast of dynamic characters and witness the events of the legendary film in an all-new comic event with Tron: Original Movie Adaptation #1. Plus, once you absorb at this info, you’ll be more than ready to experience the exciting movie sequel, and comic adaptation, coming soon.

Tron: The Original Movie Adaptation comic hits store shelves on November 3. Until then, check out some preview pages after the jump.

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