AMC Wants You To Spread The Dead For 'The Walking Dead'

AMC Wants You To Spread The Dead For ‘The Walking Dead’

If there is one thing bringing both comic book and TV fans together, it’s the fact that Robert Kirkman’s critically acclaimed comic series The Walking Dead is coming to AMC, the home of Don Draper and Walter White. For the fans of TV, this is a chance for something groundbreaking and deep to fill that Mad Men void. For comic fans, it’s a chance to see their favorite panels taken to the screen. And for zombie fans, there is the promise of some kick ass kills week to week.

In an attempt to get more than those 3 centralized groups into the show, AMC is planning to incentiveize those loyal fans to spread the word (or in this case, the “dead”) all over the country in hopes to make the premiere the biggest night on television.

How does it work? Easy. Sign up at AMC’s Spread The Dead website with all the necessary info. Once registered, you’ll get a custom URL. For every click that URL gets from a different user, you get a certain amount of points.

Top two earners by the end of the contest on November 19th get $5,000 for first place and $2,500 for second. Don’t feel bad if you get close, because the top 15 still get some great Walking Dead prizes. So if you already have The Walking Dead premiere DVR’d, then it’s time to get your friends, family, pets, and strangers on the street to do the same. It could mean big money!

Catch The Walking Dead on AMC, October 131st at 10/9c and stay in touch will all things Walking Dead at their Twitter and Facebook pages. Good luck!