Get A Sneak Peek At This Sunday's First Episode of 'The Walking Dead'

Get A Sneak Peek At This Sunday’s First Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

This Sunday may be a big day for most who love to dress up and eat candy, but for others it’s a huge day for zombie fans everywhere, as the very first episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead airs across the country.

While not much is known about what’s changing from the comic series by Robert Kirkman, there is plenty known about the production itself. We know that Frank Darabont is directing the first episode (of 6), who the main cast is, and any of the scenes we’ve gotten from the trailers and photos. Outside of that, we’re pretty much blind. Until now, that is.

We got our hands on a very rare clip from this Sunday’s episode, entitled “Days Gone By”. In it, we get a bit of the epic hospital scene that was so memorable from the comic.

Be sure to check the clip out after the jump, and don’t miss The Walking Dead this Sunday night at 10pm/9pm Central, only on AMC.