Check Out Two New Visually Stunning Scenes From ‘Skyline’

Check Out Two New Visually Stunning Scenes From ‘Skyline’

This weekend may be a tough choice at the box office for most theater-goers. But if you’re looking for a film that will blow your eyeballs right out of your sockets, it looks like Rogue Pictures’ Skyline may be that film.

Directed by the team of Colin and Greg Strause, the SFX brothers who have worked on films like Avatar to Iron Man 2, the film is setting itself to be an epic alien invasion movie in the vain of Cloverfield, Independence Day, and War of the Worlds. Just imagine if Roland Emmerich or Matt Reeves knew, from personal experience, what was possible in the scheme of digital effects.

There isn’t much to the story that we haven’t seen before, but the element to keep an eye out for here is the use of CG effects and how an entire film can play into that world. We’ve got two spoiler-free clips for you to check out after the jump.

Be sure to catch Skyline in theaters everywhere this Friday.

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