Marvel Reveales Variant Covers For 'Onslaught Unleashed' By Rob Liefeld

Marvel Reveales Variant Covers For ‘Onslaught Unleashed’ By Rob Liefeld

The rule is to “never say never” in the comic book world. When a writer or publisher vows that they’re killing off a character, never to bring them back, 9 out of 10 times they end up resurrecting him. Same goes for storyline stunts.

Back in 1996, in a ploy to pull themselves up from bankruptcy, Marvel revealed a new cross-universe villain called Onslaught, created by Mark Waid, Andy Kubert, and Scott Lobdell. The books were filled with continuity holes and plot devices meant to engage even the most causal reader. The end result left a bunch of fans alienated, and hardly any newcomers to show for the work.

Now, with the help of Heroes Reborn artist Rob Liefeld, Onslaught Unleashed is making it’s way to shelves this February, with a brand new storyline that takes place in an alternate universe, and promises not to “shake things up” with the normal universe like the last one.

In getting ready for the release, Marvel has unveiled two new variant covers for the book, by Liefeld himself. Check out the full sized covers after the jump, and be sure to pick up Onslaught Unleashed on shelves this February.