Get Your First Extended Peek At ‘TRON: LEGACY' With a Full Clip

Get Your First Extended Peek At ‘TRON: LEGACY’ With a Full Clip

It’s looking like this holiday season will be stacked up with tons of cinematic treats for adults this year, rather than in previous years when it’s been geared toward families. While comedies like Yogi Bear, Little Fockers and Gulliver’s Travels will most likely flop, films like True Grit and Tron: Legacy will definitely be enough to make this a Hollywood Christmas.

Not counting a few trailers, we haven’t gotten to see much of the upcoming Tron sequel. Daft Punk released a music video that gave us a bit more of the 100% computer-generated TRON world. Now we’re finally getting something with human actors as a scene with Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund, the on-screen father and son of the Flynn’s, has hit the web.

The film picks up almost 28 years after the events of 1982’s original film. Jeff Bridge’s Kevin Flynn has gone missing and it’s up to his son, Sam, to get to the bottom of the mystery. Mix this story with a bunch of amazing visual shots of the game grid and Olivia Wilde in a skin-tight Tron suit, and you’ve got yourself a film.

Check out this new scene after the jump. Be sure to catch TRON: LEGACY in theaters, IMAX, and Disney 3D everywhere on December 17th.