Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s Next To Be A Post-Apocalyptic Comedy

While Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are off discovering aliens named Paul in the desert, and Edgar Wright allegedly helps the Marvel Universe get an Ant Man, fans of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead everywhere are pacing back and forth for the next time the three will do another film together. Well, you may not have to wait forever, just until the end of the world.

In a recent chat with io9, Wright explained that he’s taking some time off from the easy genre-spoofing and work on a really meaty project. One about the end of the world.

You start to think that people assume you have a blindfold and a dart board, and oh, okay, kung fu, let’s do that. I think what I would like to do now is to make stories that appeal to me.”

“Maybe [the title is The World’s End]. I don’t know. I think so. We liked that idea. It had a sort of resonance in a different way. It might be that we continue with that idea, or it might be that we start all over again. […] We never said it was post-apocalyptic movie, though. To be honest, in a weird way, I regret saying anything at all because then people start speculating. It’s more we probably shouldn’t have said anything at all. I’ve found that I regret speaking too soon about stuff. Because you end up sounding like the boy who cried wolf.”

Pegg and Frost’s Paul can be seen in theaters on March 18th and Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD everywhere.

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  • jgks
    November 14, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Actually he pretty much said it WON’T be post-apocalyptic. He and Simon have said in other interviews that every guess people have posted online (including post-apocalyptic) have been wrong. At World’s End is a working title.

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