See Where Those Cool Clothes Come From In A New ‘TRON: Legacy’ Clip

Although the light cycles and identity discs are pretty cool, by far the coolest visual aspect to both TRON and the upcoming TRON: Legacy is the skintight light suits that all of the characters in the game grid sport. One question has always arrisen though: where do those wonderful suits come from?

Do they manifest the moment a player enters the game, or is there a gigantic TRON Gap store that players have to go through to pick them up? Well, in this new clip we finally get that mystery revealed.

In the film, Sam Flynn, son of the famed game creator Kevin Flynn gets transported into the game where he embarks on a journey to save his trapped father.

After the jump, check out a clip from TRON: Legacy in which the game sirens dress Sam in the traditional light suit and get him ready for his very first game. Be sure to catch TRON: Legacy in theaters on December 17th.

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