Catch the First 3 Seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ on AMC

Catch the First 3 Seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ on AMC

Sometimes it is frustrating when you haven’t watched a television series from the get-go, and you keep hearing how great it is.  You can’t exactly jump right in during the third season, especially if the show is a serial drama. Such is the case with Breaking Bad, arguably one of the best shows on television.

Well fortunatgely, AMC has you covered. Starting Wednesday, December 8, they will air back-to-back episodes of the Emmy award winning drama until March, when the brand new season will begin. In total, there are 33 episodes of Breaking Bad, spanning three seasons. Due to the writer’s strike, the first season consists of a mere seven episodes. Seasons two and three each have 13 episodes.

The series stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, and Anna Gunn. Cranston and Paul have both won Emmy awards for their superb performances on the show. If you are not familiar with the show, it revolves around a High School chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer and turns to cooking meth as a means of making some quick cash to leave his family. Naturally, the drug world is more complicated than he ever could have imagined.

The show is unflinching in its depiction of the seamy side of drug manufacturing and distribution. Far from glamorizing the trade, the show serves as an excellent deterrent. It is gritty, raw, and ugly.  Now there are no excuses for missing out.

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