Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to Star in 'Thor: God of Thunder' Game

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to Star in ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ Game

Back at New York Comic Con, we got the chance to get an exclusive interview with some of the developers of Sega’s upcoming Thor: God of Thunder. In the interview, one of the topics that could not yet be touched upon was bringing on the actors from the film to do the voice work in the Thor: God of Thunder video game.

Now, Sega has formally announced that this will be the case as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston will lending their voices to the digital adaptations of Thor and Loki respectively. In addition to their voices, the on screen likenesses will be based off of both Hemsworth’s and Hiddleston’s appearances in the Thor movie.

“Bringing in Chris and Tom to star in Thor: God of Thunder gives us AAA talent that will create a truly cinematic interactive experience,” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sega Europe and Segaof America. “Mighty Thor and the trickster Loki will face off with real emotion while giving fans visual and vocal continuity between the video game and film adaptations of the Marvel franchise.”

Thor: God of Thunder is being penned by current Uncanny X-Men scribe Matt Fraction in a story that is totally different from the movie as Sega has told us. Fraction was recruited early on in the project as his story lead to much of the associated gameplay and villains that needed to be created for Thor: God of Thunder.

It is important to note that the story of the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will be very different from the Wii as will the art and gameplay styles. Players will have the opportunity to travel throughout the some of the nine realms and face off against classic Thor foes not appearing in the movie such as Ulik, Ymir and Surtur as well as battle it out against Thor’s brother Loki.

All nine realms won’t be featured in Thor: God of Thunder as they would require too large a game to adequately be represented. Each SKU however will feature different worlds as the stories are different.

Sega Sr Producer Matt Powers and Producer Steven Frost sat down to talk with us about the game at NYCC and let us in on the fact that the game has been in production since before the Thor movie even began, about a year and a half at this point which gives it a full two years of production time.

Matt and Steve talked about how it was an interesting challenge to measure expectations of people who will be purchasing the game based on their movie going experience along with those who know Thor only from his role in Marvel’s comics. While they couldn’t get into details with us on the story, they did promise that it would hold true to the traditional Thor archetype featuring characters like Odin and Sif.

The developers described to us that Thor: God of Thunder takes on an epic scale as Thor isn’t a typical hero running down the street taking down bank robbers. The world and enemies of the game must be built to reflect that. As fans of Thor comics know, taking down a frost giant is no small feat. Combat will consist of melee, hammer throws, thunder attacks, lighting attacks and wind attacks used to take on these epic baddies as well as more reasonably sized opponents as well.

Take a peek below at some exclusive photos of concept artwork for the game as well. We apologize for the quality but this is one of the only spots you may be able to get your eyes on this artwork.

Thor: God of Thunder is scheduled for a spring 2011 release on XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS.