Microsoft Unveils XBLA 'Games for the Holidays' Trailers

Microsoft Unveils XBLA ‘Games for the Holidays’ Trailers

Last week, Microsoft Games Studios revealed their big holiday push for XBox Live Arcade with three unique, quirky titles. The three games, World of Keflings (December 22nd), Raskulls (December 29th) and ilomilo (January 5th) will not only be coming out in the heart of the holiday season, but they will all be tied together, a first for the downloadable platform.

As you will see in the trailer below, all the titles will feature cameos from characters from the other games. In ilomilo, characters can be dressed up as Keflings while the Raskulls can be invited to live in the Keflings world.

Check out all of the new trailers for XBox Live’s upcoming holiday games after the jump.

World of Keflings is a follow-up to the not so intense A Kingdom for Keflings, a lighthearted take on the real time strategy genre which was one of the first games to prominently feature avatars as playable characters. World of Keflings looks to expand upon the game’s original success and subtle humor, like the ability to kick the little Keflings or shoot them from cannons in order to make music. Take a peek below at some of the screens for the game as well as the new trailer.

Raskulls, the second release for Games for the Holidays, looks to take the classic platforming genre and give it a fast paced and updated feel. Much like Super Meat BoyRaskulls doesn’t try to change the formula that was so successful as much as it does try to pay homage to it while keeping up with the current technology at the same time.

ilomilo on the other hand looks to turn gameplay on its head, or at least on its side. Using a 3D world and multiple characters, players must solve some fantastically innovative puzzles. Of the three titles, this looks to be the thinking man’s game. It will be interesting to see how it compares to previous XBLA puzzlers like Braid or Limbo in this regard.

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