On the Radar: Attack Of The Show’s New Host, ‘Star Wars’ Sneakers, ‘X-Men: First Class’ Set Pics and More

Welcome to this week’s On the Radar where we delve into all corners of the entertainment, tech and geek Internets for news, views and whatnot that may have escaped our regular coverage this week. Let is know if we missed something interesting. Let’s get started!

• You know the world of technology is getting out of hand when we see the first ever bluetooth enabled Smart Wallets.

• Can you remember how many films have used a character saying “blah, blah, blah”? You don’t have to, this sneaky editor combined all of them into one video.

• Bye Bye, Olivia. G4’s Attack of the Show has a brand new cohost, and she’s….somebody.

• Feel like your childhood was missing too many Cylons and Daleks? That problem is fixed by the fictional “Five Sci-Fi Children’s Books”

Comedy Central has a brand new logo, but we can’t help shake the feeling it’s infringing a copyright somewhere.

• We can’t get enough of Daft Punk’s score for Tron: Legacy. To that point, here’s the official video for their title song, Derezzed.

Some douche felt it was necessary to get the cast of Avatar tattooed on his back. We wonder if Cameron gets royalties every time this guy hits the beach.

• Some potentially spoilery set photos from Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class have surfaced. This is what happens when you let teens drive a stealth jet.

• Adidas has really kicked it this time. Take a look at the official C-3PO/R2D2 mash up sneakers.

• Because you love links and we love popular topics: Five Reasons Why It’s Ok to like Wikileaks.

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