'Infinity Blade' For iOS Grosses $1.6 Million In Four Days

‘Infinity Blade’ For iOS Grosses $1.6 Million In Four Days

When it first arrived on the scene many people probably scoffed at the iPhone and iPod touch as unsuitable gaming platforms. After all, what can you do, graphics-wise, on the devices to make gaming worthwhile? Well, I’m happy to report that you can, at least in the hands of the folks at Epic Games, do quite a bit.

Since its debut on December 9th, Epic Games’ game Infinity Blade has grossed over $1.6 Million. Based on data from Apple’s Game Center, there were over 271,000 different users who played the game as of Sunday night.

Now here’s the math part, sorry if it hurts your heads. Infinity Blade costs $5.99 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which means the title grossed well over $1.6 Million in that short time span. Quite a success for the team at Epic.

Infinity Blade is the first Unreal Engine 3-based iOS game and, along with titles like Rage HD (Which also rocks, btw), it is helping to change the perception that the iPhone, iPad and such are not “real” gaming platforms. Lets hope the trend continues.