It’s A Shark! It’s An Octopus! No, It’s 'Sharktopus' On Blu-Ray & DVD!

It’s A Shark! It’s An Octopus! No, It’s ‘Sharktopus’ On Blu-Ray & DVD!

Just when you thought Christmas was coming to an end in a few weeks, it looks like a few elves over at Anchor Bay have a surprise in store for us on March 15, as the SyFy Channel original hit film Sharktopus is getting an official release on Blu-ray and DVD.

That’s right, you get to relive those classic moments of the Sharktopus destroying landmarks, devouring sea-bound travelers, and running amok all over again in glorious 72op. From the producing team of Roger and Julie Corman, the film is the cherry on top of Corman’s ice cream Sunday of a B-movie career, becoming the highest rated SyFy original film in the channel’s history with over 2.5 million viewers back in September.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the official synopsis.

An eight-tentacled nightmare hybrid of shark and octopus, “S-11” was created by genetic scientist Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) as the U.S. Navy’s next super-weapon. But when its control implants are damaged during a training experiment off the Mexican coast, the beast escapes to Puerto Vallarta to sample the local fare — bikini babes, jet-skiers, and spring-breakers.

With the ocean terror now out of control and seemingly invincible, a ragtag group – comprised of a hotshot mercenary, an investigative reporter, and Sand’s biomechanical engineer daughter – have come together to stop the unholy beast from turning a seaside tourist resort into the ultimate human buffet. But it won’t be easy: it possesses problem-solving intelligence, attacks without mercy or warning – it even has the ability to walk on land. Not to mention a decided affinity to snack on bungee jumpers… Kerem Bursin and Sara Malakul Lane co-star, with a hilarious cameo by Corman himself.

The film can be grabbed on Blu-ray and DVD on March 15th, and keep it here for more goodies from the release and a full review!