John’s Last Minute Geek Holiday Gift Guide

John’s Last Minute Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping is hard. There is so much going on like catching up on all the hottest games that came out in November that sometimes you just don’t have time to go out, brave the malls and deal with lunatic people who would gladly trample each other to save seventeen cents on an outdated plasma TV. But, you still have to buy gifts for the loved ones in your family. And with each item, we have included a helpful link to purchase the item without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.


It couldn’t be Christmas without a big and expensive gift for “Santa” to put under the tree. Now, while you most likely have one for yourself, your best gaming friend may not be as hardcore as you are and isn’t going through his XBox 360 dashboard using Minority Report type controls of the Kinect.

Like we talked about in our review, the Kinect is fun and a great addition to any XBox 360 household.  Just make sure that the person you are buying it for has enough room in their living space for it to work properly.

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Star Wars Visions was a unique project where a group of some of the most talented modern artists were tasked with creating their own unique view of the Star Wars universe. From photo realistic recreations of iconic moments to surrealist takes of favorite characters, Star Wars Visions is the quintessential coffee table book for any Star Wars fan.

The book features over 100 well known artists such as Alex Ross, Julie Bell and Ann Hanson. Any fan of high end artwork and Star Wars will spend hours Christmas morning combing through the pages of this gift.



The biggest entertainment release coupled with the most extravagant special edition pack in ever. What’s not to love? Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition is just that.

For both the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3, the single and multiplayer modes offer hours of intense combat along with a camera mounted RC car. If that’s not gift giving in excess, nothing is.




Before The Walking Dead was one of the top rated cable shows in history, it started out as a simple black and white comic book from Robert Kirkman published by Image. The scariest part of this sensation is that it almost never happened. When originally pitching the idea, Kirkman was turned down when he told of a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse.

In what will go down in the annuls of comic book lore, Kirkman told a little fib behind the cause of the end of the world telling the publishers that the story really kicks in to gear when the aliens arrive. Now more than 75 issues and a full season of a live action show later, aliens still haven’t come (Thank God).

Give the first issues of this groundbreaking series in glorious hardcover fashion. Even someone who has some of the issues already will gladly appreciate this trade collection.



Because while we might shun the outside world, it doesn’t mean the people we are buying for feel the same. For the golfer in your life, most likely a dad or uncle, pick up the Sensoglove. A true golfer is always looking to find the perfect swing.

With the Sensoglove, players learn the proper pressure they need to use when holding a golf club. While many will hold with as tight a grip as possible, the most successful golfers have proven that a lighter grip will increase hit distance. Too loose however will result in poor hits as well.

Sensoglove gives real time audio feedback to help players train themselves with a proper grip. Eventually, players should ideally be able to wean themselves off the glove as with other teaching tools to where they can maintain a proper grip on any club at any time.