New Series Explores the Fun of Christmas Horror Films

Who doesn’t love horror? Our very own founders Chris Ullrich and Matt Raub sure do. They were the hosts of a brand new web series with the This Week In web TV network. Titled This Week in Horror, the new weekly series delves into the gruesome world of past and present projects in the horror genre.

Last night, they kicked off with a world premiere, starting things right with a Christmas Special. Sure, not many use horror and Christmas in the same sentence, until now. Films like Christmas Evil, Santa’s Slay, and Silent Night, Deadly Night are among the films that get showcased during their freshman episode.

They even get special guests like the writer/director of 2005’s Santa’s Slay David Steiman, and the creator of the 1980 classic You Better Watch Out, aka Christmas Evil, Lewis Jackson.

Check out the full episode after the jump, and be sure to check back in at their showpage to see when new episodes of This Week in Horror pop up.

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