Fox and Universal Join In Bringing Movies To PlayStation Network

Since Netflix broke the barrier between disc rental and instant streaming on the console, every other digital media provider has been vying for the attention of gamers everywhere, and that even includes the gaming powerhouse Sony and their PlayStation Network market.

As of late, a ton of mega studios have signed up to exclusively release their new films on the PSN market, including Sony Entertainment Disney. According to Variety, two more have now hopped on board.

Two more studios have signed on for Sony Computer Ent.’s movie service for gamers, according to a report in the Nikkei newspaper.

Starting in January, Fox and Universal will join Sony and Disney in supplying pics online to users of Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable machines for either unlimited-time purchase or limited-time rental.

At this rate, Sony’s PlayStation Network may just take the lead in digital content, and could end up surpassing Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, which is what the Xbox 360 is supplied by. No word yet on exactly what titles this new deal entails, but we expect to hear more as we enter the new year.

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