The Flickcast Presents: Best of 2010 – Video Games Part 2

The Flickcast Presents: Best of 2010 – Video Games Part 2

Earlier this week, we brought you some of our favorite and best video games of the year. We’ve got a bit more to get to, including Glitch of the Year, Most Addictive, and even the penultimate Game of the year. Here we go!

Glitch of the Year – Fallout: New Vegas – The Spinning Head

Games will have glitches. It is expected. With millions upon millions of lines of code, it is impossible to hammer out every minute detail. Thankfully with internet connectivity, these can often be fixed even the first day of a game’s release with a patch. One of the most surprising glitches to make it to retail however is the spinning head from Fallout: New Vegas. What makes this glitch most shocking is how early in the game it takes place. It is a sad mistake on the part of the normally expert team of Obsidian Entertainment who normally puts forth such high quality games. While some glitches add some humor to a title, this one is just plain weird and completely unnecessary.

Best Demo Disguised as a Retail Release – Dead Rising 2: Case 0

A few weeks before Dead Rising 2 came out, XBLA received the exclusive Dead Rising 2: Case 0. This would be the first time the general public would get the chance to try out the new features of Dead Rising 2 like the infamous combination weapons as well as get a preview on the backstory of the new protagonist Chuck Greene and his daughter Katie. Sure there are a few hours of new gameplay but this easily could have been a part of Dead Rising 2 as the tutorial area instead of being its own separate release. But for only a few dollars and the chance to play a demo that you won’t be forced to replay through in the early part of the game, it is a welcome experiment in exposing new players to new titles.

Surprisingly Addictive Game of the Year – Dance Central

As we mentioned in our review of Dance Central, gamers are not known for being dancers. For the most part, we’d shun physical activity. But there is something sickeningly addictive about mimicking the moves of virtual dancers on screen in the comfort of your own living room without the prying eyes of other night club patrons. Unlike past “dance” games like DDR or Just Dance which parodied dance as opposed to encouraging real dance moves, Dance Central can actually teach geeks a legitimate social skill. That alone is reason enough to give Dance Central a try which will likely hook them in for more.

Most Overused Video Game Porno Parody Name – Halo: Reach Around

If you need an explanation on this one, there is nothing we can do to help you.

Sleeper Hit of the Year – Just Cause 2

Some games develop a cult following despite a lack of marketing budget behind them because of addictive gameplay and that extra level of commitment brought from the development team to its audience. Just Cause 2 is one such game and the best example of it this year.

While not a lot of people got their hands on the ultra campy and overly testosterone driven story of Just Cause 2, those that did couldn’t help but be addicted to it. Sadly, low sales may prevent a third game being created in the series but fans of Just Cause 2 won’t be able to forget the unruly mess they turned an island paradise into. From jumping out of planes and trying to grappling hook back on before crash landing to blowing up huge chemical weapons factories, Just Cause 2 is just fun and it’s a shame more people didn’t get to experience it.

Game of the Year – Red Dead Redemption

The old west is one of the final frontiers of the video game world, which is kind of surprising since the original final frontier of space has been explored to no end. The Game of the Year goes to the best exploration of the west thus far in terms of character, story and setting. A spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption is more than just Grand Theft Auto with horses as many had sarcastically predicted. Instead, it is a beast all of its own following the tale of (you guessed it) redemption for John Marston as he seeks to right the wrongs of his life before heading back to his family.

With twists and turns alongside some of the best voice acting in recent memory, Red Dead Redemption isn’t just a game as it is an experience. With a beefy main story along with hours of side quests and the open range, it will take even the most hardcore of players months to get tired of Red Dead. These combined with the GTA combat engine produce one of the best games of the generation for both the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 as well as the top game of this year, 2010.