Details Released For ‘The Walking Dead’ On Blu-Ray and DVD

Details Released For ‘The Walking Dead’ On Blu-Ray and DVD

Lots of things were considered to be “big deals” in 210, but by far, the most important pop culture event has to be AMC’s first season of The Walking Dead. The show pulled in the highest ratings of a cable based show of all time, not to mention the fact that it was about zombies, and had a regularly unknown cast.

Now, everyone everywhere can relive the epic 6-episode season again and again, as Anchor Bay and Starz is releasing the season on Blu-Ray and DVD this March. It’s already been nominated for a Golden Globe, but that’s only the surface of the accolades you can expect to see for the series in the future. Here’s what you can expect to see on the discs.

Inside THE WALKING DEAD: Episode 1-6
A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman
Behind The Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips
Convention Panel With Producers

Extra Footage :
Zombie School
Bicycle Girl
On Set With Robert Kirkman
Hanging With Steven Yeun
Inside Dale’s RV
On Set With Andrew Lincoln

Expect to see all of this, including some great packaging with the original comic book around the time of the DVD and Blu-Ray release on March 8th.