Potential iPad-Killer, Motorola 'XOOM Tablet' Announced.

Potential iPad-Killer, Motorola ‘XOOM Tablet’ Announced.

Tech writers love to compare each and every new tablet computer that hits the market to Apple’s wildly successful iPad. And it makes sense, considering Apple’s device is truly the one to beat within the tablet niche. With almost a year under its belt and millions of sales, Apple is unlikely to yield its advantage in this important product sector anytime soon.

With that said, Motorola’s just-announced XOOM Tablet ($TBA), might just be the device to do it. Billed as the first 4G LTE upgradeable tablet, the specs speak for themselves:

• 10.1-inch widescreen HD display
• Dual Core 1GHz processor
• Android “Honeycomb” software
• 1080P HD Video Content Support
• HDMI out
• Forward-facing 2MP camera for video chatting

• Rear-facing 5MP camera capable of capturing 720P HD
• Built-in gyro, barometer, e-compass, accelerometer and adaptive lighting
• Acts as a mobile hotspot, providing Wi-Fi access for up to 5 devices

With fast 4G LTE mobile broadband speeds courtesy of Verizon, the Motorola XOOM is likely to be a mobile warrior’s best friend. For official updates, be sure to sign up over at Verizon.

We’ll be sure to cover the XOOM as more details are revealed, however be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. Would you dump your iPad for a XOOM? I might just consider it, however pricing of both the device itself as well as Verizon’s data plans would definitely be a factor.