Conan O'Brien Gets Animated As A DC Super Hero

Conan O’Brien Gets Animated As A DC Super Hero

A few months ago, Conan O’Brien did a segment where he sat down with DC Animation honcho Bruce Timm and worked out the ideal look for Conan if he were a superhero in the DC Universe. That product was named The Flaming C.

On Monday, the folks at Warner Premiere (The studio behind DC’s animated series/films) went a step further and drew The Flaming C into an episode of Cartoon Network’s upcoming series Young Justice.

The scene is basically the same, with Flaming C just drawn over Superman. It even keeps the same voice from the original. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty cool to see Conan’s creation animated, fishnets and all.

Check out the clip after the jump, and catch the return of Young Justice on January 21st.