New Trailer For ‘Scream 4′ Finally Gives Us The Goods

New Trailer For ‘Scream 4′ Finally Gives Us The Goods

For the most part, sequels past 3 are rarely any good, let alone big name theatrical releases with an ensemble cast. Especially those films that fall into the “horror” or “slasher” genre. This time, things look to be different, as just about everyone (alive) is coming back for Scream 4.

Even original writer and director Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven are returning to revisit this franchise 10 years later. From what we can tell this far into production, the reasoning is to revamp the franchise for the brand new generation of tweeting, texting, and underage drinking teens. Here’s the plot rundown.

SIDNEY PRESCOTT has been living the last few years of her life in relative silence. Now a guidance counselor for Woodsboro High School, her alma mater, she finally lives her life out of the media spotlight.

But with the discovery of a murdered student, Sidney Prescott’s world will once again be ripped apart by the reemergence of Ghost Face.

We got a less-than revealing teaser a few months back, but now we’re finally getting the goods, and plenty of Hayden Panettiere as the new ditzy blond (who very well could be the new Ghost Face).

Check out the full trailer after the jump, and catch Scream 4 in theaters April 15th.

**Update: As per request of the Weinstein Company, we have taken down the trailer. Expect to see the US released trailer online in the coming days. **