Playboy Magazine Coming to Apple’s iPad In March

Playboy Magazine Coming to Apple’s iPad In March

You can’t always believe what you read on Twitter. I know, shocking, right? However, when news comes directly from the verified account of none other than Playboy Magazine founder and publisher Hugh Hefner, we take notice.

So, what did Mr. Hefner have to say? Well, in a recent couple of messages the man himself revealed that his magazine which got millions of young men through adolescence would be coming soon to Apple’s iPad. And as if that wasn’t enough, according to Hef, the magazine will be completely uncensored. Nice.

This development is very convenient for those out there who like their tech and their naked women to be closely tied together. It’s also a good deal for Hefner who is able to get his magazine into the hands of potentially millions more subscribers.

No word yet on potential pricing or subscription models available but we can hope it will be in line with current print edition — or even cheaper.

Update: It seems Hef wasn’t talking about a new iPad App Playboy App as some had suggested. Instead, he was referring to a web based subscription service available on the iPad. That’s the version that will be uncensored. I guess you really can’t believe what you read on Twitter.